Monday, September 22, 2014


Most of the time I make Monday my housekeeping day. One housekeeping duty I dislike doing is vacuuming and dusting. Housekeeping can take precious moments out of your day and week and occasionally we need to choose what needs to be done the most to keep the home clean and tidy.

There are some housekeeping rules I always follow everyday and they are :-

1. Making the bed - I feel totally in control in my grown up world if all the beds are made. There is nothing better after a full day of climbing into a freshly made bed ready for slumber.

2. Doing the dishes - I am one of those people that cannot leave to go anywhere without having the dishes done. The thought of waking up or coming home to dirty dishes makes me anxious.

3. Placing dirty laundry away in the hamper daily - create less clutter by placing all the dirty laundry in the hamper to free up space. 

4. A quick clean of the countertops - Always makes a home look fresh and clean. It takes seconds to wipe the counters once you are done. Keep wipes in your bathroom cupboard to keep counters free from spillages and makeup residue. A quick clean of the toilet

5. Vacuuming or sweeping common areas - I have tiles down stairs and carpet up. So I can get away with vacuuming the upstairs carpet once a week. Downstairs requires more effort so sweeping daily is required.

6. Placing items in there required storage space - As I say to my girls 'put things back where you find them' that way everything is where it should be and easy to find when needed.

What housekeeping maintenance is on your list for everyday?

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 for FRIDAY

White t-Shirts are an essential item in every styling repertoire they can also be worn right throughout the seasons as a casual or dressy basic. 

1. Seed Heritage $89.95 || 2. Witchery $49.95   || 3. Seed Heritage $129.95 

4. Sass and Bide $120.00 ||  French Connection $37.46 (on sale)

This week has been huge. I have started putting together my daughters new double beds from IKEA and my mother had surgery for removal of her gall bladder. Thank goodness mum only had keyhole surgery and is now back at home and coping well.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


It is sale time as we head into warmer weather we say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warm air for light layering. 

My favourite pieces from Country Road -

Ottoman Knit $129.95  $59.95 || Boyfriend Jacket  $299.00 $199.00  

Boyfriend Jeans $119.99 $69.95 || Fiona Point Flat $129.00 $79.95 

Canvas Tote $99.95 $59.95

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