Friday, October 31, 2014

styled 3 ways NAVY LINEN DRESS

Linen is everywhere for Spring/Summer 2014 and Target has a perfect range to suit everyone. I have recently just had a little shopping spree and I bought this linen dress for my sister for her birthday. She requested something that was knee length and suitable for her to wear to work. I picked Navy which can be styled so many different ways for every event of your day. 

This navy linen dress is perfect for your workday with a knee length full skirt and cap sleeves to suit all the workday rules. Accessorised with black pumps and handbag adding a pop of colour with a few beauty products from Max Factor.

Navy Linen Dress $49.00 || Certainly Red Lipstick $21.95 || Nail Polish $5.95 |

Hobo Shoulder Bag $49.00  || Pumps $49.00

Metallics are perfect to add a little sparkle and glamour to your look.  Perfect for the weekend summer barbeque or end of year celebration.

Navy Linen Dress $49.00 ||  Nail Polish $12.95 

Hobo Shoulder Bag $30.00  || Wedges $35.00

Pink shades are another on trend style for the spring/summer season and if you are a lover of pink like me these accessories are perfect for your shopping day or outdoor lunch.

Navy Linen Dress $49.00 ||  Wide Brim Hat $20.00

Handbag $49.00  || Sandals $20.00

Are you a linen lover? There are so many styles available in Target and if oyu shop now you can buy one item and receive 50% off the second. 

Which style is your favourite? - Classic.  Metallic.  Pink.

More linen styles + designs at Target.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 minutes with SIMONE | HONEY & FIZZ

I am super delighted to have extremely talented Simone from Honey and Fizz sharing a little snippet into her life. 

1. Favourite Quote/Daily Mantra? Good Vibes Only!

2. My style icon is Olivia Palermo. I love the mix of classic and modern.

3. Timeless beauty is simplicity.

4. I cannot live without my sunglasses (and family of course)

5. My must have beauty item is a primer. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer.

6. I currently love shopping at Sportsgirl. I am loving their Spring/Summer vibe.

7. The colour I love most at the moment is pink.

8. On my wishlist is a beach holiday, a mani/pedi and a delicious cocktail. I am ready for a holiday.

9. I am currently reading Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham.

10. My must have for summer is a new hat and my roundie towel from The Beach People.

11. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be the Greek Islands. I've never been and I'm dying to go. It looks gorgeous.

12. My favourite social media platform is Instagram. A visual feast.

13. In my carry on luggage I always have an iPad, moisturiser and snacks.

14. I cannot leave home without my iPhone. I'd be lost without it.

15. Current Fragrance - MOR Marshmallow

16. I am listening to the radio. Lots of top 40 stuff.

17. If money were not an option which designer label would you most love to purchase? Chanel, I've always wanted one of their bags.

You can find Simone here : BLOG || INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || PINTEREST

Thank you so much Simone for taking the time to contribute. V x 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

one dress 3 ways MELBOURNE CUP

The race that stops the nation is next week and everyone is looking for that style to shine at the Melbourne Cup functions around Australia - the world. I had the pleasure of going a few years ago with family and I had the best time. Everyone looks so glamorous and stylish. The Melbourne Cup is your turn to look super stylish and confident.

The best thing is you do not have to spend a fortune to look glamorous. Join me as I take you through a few looks - Same dress 3 different colour styles.

Loads of people love colour and this gorgeous dress from Target sets the scene for a combination of coloured accessories. There are many who are not huge fans of colour and prefer neutral tones to accessorise with. Here I share a selection of white and super on trend metallic silver. I have also included a style without a fascinator for those who have no desire to wear one.

|| Target Dress (same throughout) $48.00 || Fascinator $39.99 || 

Gravito Clutch $179.00 || Heeled Sandal * $25.00 ||

|| Target Dress (same throughout) $48.00 || Fascinator $40.00 || 

Oceana Clutch $29.99 || Court Shoe $25.00 ||

|| Target Dress (same throughout) $48.00 || Serena Hair Clip $14.99 || 

Natasha Drop Earrings $16.99 ||  Metallic Clutch * $179.00 || Heeled Sandal * $89.95 ||

For more Spring Racing Carnival style inspiration take a look over at Styling You, Style and Shenanigans, Sonia Styling and Kimba Likes

*affiliate link | Today is Wardrobe Wednesday the day where I link in with Kimba Likes

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 ways to be a BETTER LISTENER

I have had a few lessons in actually listening lately as I tend to let my mind wander. I have found that this is a non negotiable as I miss important details only to have to ask again and feel inadequate as I have always had a good memory and because of not listening with my full attention I have felt like I am letting myself and my daughters down. My focus has now changed and I listen with intention to hear what is said and absorbing each and every detail.

Giving our full attention is something that everyone deserves and requires. I have been on the other end where I am talking to another person and that person has been so absorbed on their phone and not listened to me and I feel that is super rude and disrespectful. We have our technology glued to us and we need to let go at some point to have healthy and full relationships with everyone.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to listening is staying fully in the moment. Instead of thinking about what to say next or indulging in thoughts unrelated to the conversation stay engaged in what the person is saying and be a good listener and stay 100% in the moment.

Life is filled with distractions, but being a good listener means limiting the distractions as much as possible. Put your phone down so you are not tempted to look at it when a notification comes through. Put your phone face down and listen with intent. The message or notification will always be there when your conversation is over.
My daughters and i have a rule when we eat dinner to place our phones face down and ignore any notifications until we have finished.

Embracing silence is a skill of a good listener. Silence during a conversation allows you and the other person to gather their thoughts to continue speaking allowing you to gather your thoughts as to what has been said.

Instead of asking questions which require a one worded answer, try asking more in depth questions that will require more information. These type of questions will keep the conversation flowing and maybe show a deeper level of interest.

Listening is not just about the words being said. Listening well includes body language and tone as they can tell you more about what is going on than what is being said. Responding verbally and physically are equally important when having a conversation.

Adapted from positively present  ||  Image pinterest

Do you listen with intent all the time or do you tend to wander during conversations?

Monday, October 27, 2014

parenting tips THE FRENCH WAY

Over at one of favourite blogs Absolute Amy, last week Amy shared tips on the French Approach to patience. I have blogged about this a few times and thought I would share it again.

'Bringing Up Bebe'. By Pamela Druckerman, an American mother of 3 who moved to Paris. As you may know I am totally infatuated with Paris at the moment. Although my daughter's are teenagers, I have purchased this book, which I found a good read. Here is the excerpt shared by Jo on her blog.

1. You can have a grown-up life, even if you have kids. Pamela writes: "The French have managed to be involved with their families without becoming obsessive. They assume that even good parents aren't at the constant service of their children, and that there is no need to feel guilty about this. 'For me, the evenings are for the parents,' one Parisian mother told me. 'My daughter can be with us if she wants, but it's adult time.' "

2. You can teach your child the act of learning to wait. Pamela writes: "It is why the French babies I meet mostly sleep through the night…Their parents don't pick them up the second they start crying, allowing the babies to learn how to fall back asleep. It is also why French toddlers will sit happily at a restaurant. Rather than snacking all day like American children, they mostly have to wait until mealtime to eat. (French kids consistently have three meals a day and one snack around 4 p.m.) A [French mother] Delphine said that she sometimes bought her daughter Pauline candy. (Bonbons are on display in most bakeries.) But Pauline wasn't allowed to eat the candy until that day's snack, even if it meant waiting many hours."

3. Kids can spend time playing by themselves, and that's agood thing. Pamela writes: "French parents want their kids to be stimulated, but not all the time...French kids are—by design—toddling around by themselves....'The most important thing is that he learns to be happy by himself,' [a French mother] said of her son....In a 2004 study...the American moms said that encouraging one's child to play alone was of average importance. But the French moms said it was very important."

4. Believe it when you tell your child "No." Pamela writes: "Authority is one of the most impressive parts of French parenting—and perhaps the toughest one to master. Many French parents I meet have an easy, calm authority with their children that I can only envy. When Pauline [a French toddler] tried to interrupt our conversation, Delphine [her French mother] said, "Just wait two minutes, my little one. I'm in the middle of talking." It was both very polite and very firm. I was struck both by how sweetly Delphine said it and by how certain she seemed that Pauline would obey her...I gradually felt my "nos" coming from a more convincing place. They weren't louder, but they were more self-assured."

I followed most of these tips when bringing up my daughter's, my children always behaved while eating out as we were prepared and took colouring pencils and books to keep them entertained while waiting for their meals. I believe playing by themselves creates role play and opens up the imagination. My children were in bed by 7:30 when they were little and then 8:30 as they got older, even now as teenagers (on a school night) they are in bed at 9:30.

You can purchase Bringing Up Bebe here

I would love you to share your opinions and thoughts. 

Do you agree with these parenting styles? 

What challenges you the most being a parent? 

Do any of these points inspire and would you or have you used any of these points in your parenting? 

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