Thursday, March 5, 2015


I have a few pieces that I would love to add to my shopping list for transitioning my closet into Autumn. Knits and jackets are essential for the tran-seasonal change of winter not far away. There is no better feeling than snuggling up with a soft knit or jacket to keep the chill at bay. 

The beginning of Autumn requires layering as the temperatures are still warm with a chill in the air in the morning and late evenings.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Leggings are a favourite option for many when the cooler weather arrives, easy to wear and comfort chic when styled appropriately. Personally I think leggings are an essential every closet, BUT you have to know how to style them without revealing every little crease of your being. i find the thicker ponte style work well with a better fit and look.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


My youngest daughter and I were discussing the current season and that we like, in Australia, like to call autumn - but, why do we not call it fall like our American friends? I quite like FALL as the season just before winter. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Tran-seasonal styling can be an effort as the weather cools and layers are best for that cool snap. A perfect tran-seasonal piece and so on trend is a longer line cardigan.         

Monday, March 2, 2015


I grew up with Thriller playing on our turntables with that quintessential cover of Michael in that white suit. The album with those famous tunes to last generation after generation. Thriller was the album that help influence my love of music.

I was lucky enough to receive opening night tickets to experience the Sydney show at The Lyric Theatre. I took along both my daughters, they both love music and Michael Jackson has been played on their playlists often. We arrived half an hour early, picked up our tickets and my eldest daughter and I enjoyed a glass of champagne each before we were ushered in for the show. 

photos above by my daughter Rachel

photos from Thriller Live

We were impressed and yes it had a high school musical vibe. The dancing and musical repertoire was outstanding. My daughters and i could not wait for the Thriller segment which impressed us greatly. The show moved us through each stage of Michael's career highlights bringing us to our feet cheering and clapping along. For me a lot of reminiscing through different stages of my life.

We had a fabulous time reviewing Michael's talent through these fabulous singers and dancers. We certainly were not disappointed and feel happy to have had the privilege to be gifted the tickets to attend. A happy night out together for my daughters and I. 

If you love Michael Jackson and his massive career in music then I recommend attending the spectacular stage show.

* we were gifted these tickets in accordance with my disclosure policy

Friday, February 27, 2015

notes from the week

A busy week with my Mother in hospital and visiting her everyday, liaising with doctors, nurses, physio therapists and so on. Trying to get my mother's recovery in order from a fracture in her lower spine and looking at moving her into assisted living.Yesterday I was feeling a little down as I just want the best for Mum and hospitals are not the cheeriest of places, are they? You can read a little more about my Mother here if you are interested.

Moving on I have show cased my style everyday this week to join in with Vanessa's (Style and Shenanigans) colour style challenge. It has been fun trying to co-ordinate my daily style with the daily prompts. You can take a look at my style at my instagram account.

I noticed on Sunrise that an American finance expert stating that parents should re-think the way they teach kids in regards to pocket money. Saying that parents should not link pocket money to chores as this is just teaching kids to stop doing them when they have enugh money. Do you agree?
1. Rules instigated were that you should start young.
2. To give one dollar per week of their age
3. Do not link allowance to chores

What do you think?

Do one thing everyday that makes you HAPPY. V x

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