Friday, January 30, 2015

notes from the week + back to school emotions

2015 is the year my eldest daughter, Miss R, completes her first year as an early childhood educator leaving her stamp on precious children as they prepare for school. My baby girl, Miss B, is going into Year 11, ready to tackle her last two years of her high school education. How can that be time moves so fast and we do not realise it happening so fast as each year goes by. If I take the time to look back I remember my little angels with pride and joy and frequently look back at their lives and how sweet and kind they were and still are, thank goodness. I realise what a great job I have done in raising these precious lives. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

mode du jour BACK TO WORK

I am bringing back Mode du Jour. I just love featuring styles that I put together every afternoon to bring out the fashionista in us all. Sometimes it is get to a different perspective on how to style this and that.

Today i am featuring this stunning dress from Review. With a pop of colour and gold accessories. 

1. Dancing Daisy Dress  || 2. Mimco Origami Satchel  (on sale) 
3. Forever New Necklace + Earrings || 4. Nine West Shoes

on a budget BACK TO WORK STYLE

I saw this callout over on Woogsworld's facebook page and thought that other lovely ladies may be in the same predicament.
We can all find going back to work a challenge, meeting and working with new people and working out what to wear. Affordability and style can go hand in hand. Shopping and trying on and knowing what suits you is important to finding the right pieces for you. It is important to have a few key pieces to mix and match.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sitting here listening to One Direction - 'Steal My Girl' and 'Night Changes' - Nothing like listening to up beat music while blogging. 
A few weeks ago in my facebook feed I saw the lovely Emily from The Beetle Shack wearing the leopard print shorts and off the shoulder top from her little boutique Bohemian Traders and I fell in love. They just had to be mine. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

styling your day THE SCHOOL RUN | DRESS EDIT

Back to school this week and time to get your style on. The school run can be just as daunting for us mother's as the children. The emotional aspect of another school year starting and saying goodbye to our children as we all get back to routine of school lunches, homework, sports, after school activities and so forth. 

Your personal style is just as important as any other day on the school run, so why not make an effort to look effortlessly chic? Although my playground and drop off days are over, I enjoyed pulling my style and looks together while presenting my best self to meet and chat with teachers and parents. Getting compliments on how your style yourself is the best confidence booster ever.

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