Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Simply Luxurious Life

I have a new schedule starting this week and I have to arrange my time wisely. I am starting Certificate IV in business. I will have schedule time to blog, homework and come up with a business plan for my new business. How scary and exciting to be starting a new adventure in my life. adapted from The Simply Luxurious Life.

The Simply Luxurious Life

Do something before work

I love waking early and taking the time to enjoy my first cup of coffee, peruse through a few of my favourite blogs and take time to think about my day ahead. Taking this time for myself helps me to feel more enthusiastic which in turn allows me more energy to focus on what is ahead.


Wear your best

I have a closet full of lovely clothing which I would love to showcase everyday and getting up to work everyday wearing something you love and feel confident in will allow you to feel good about yourself and be more productive. Looking and feeling great enhances your mood and allows you to be happier and more productive. Too often our nicer clothes are sitting in our closet for that special occasion. Wear what you love.

chic in B & W

Arrive early

I always try my hardest to arrive early. Arriving at least 30 minutes early gives you time to tune your itinerary you have scheduled for the day. 

Share your positive thoughts

We all love being complimented, don't we? I know that it also makes me feel happy to compliment another, so if you think something positive about someone, let them know and say what you think and feel.

kikki k

Have a plan

Create a to-do list at the beginning of your day and achieve all that is there crossing off as you go. Knowing that you have achieved your tasks and crossed them off your list can be as rewarding as completing the task itself. I will have to have a to-do list to achieve all my tasks and hopefully I will be able to cross all or many off the list.

The Simply Luxurious Life

Take a break

Try to find some time in your day to just be and take a deep breath, read a book, flip through a magazine anything that is not work related. Things can get quite hectic at times and it is important to release tension that has built up during the day. 

The Simply Luxurious Life

Reward Yourself

After a full day take the time to put your feet up, enjoy your favourite beverage, chat to friends, purchase something you have had your eye on or  Allow yourself a reward at the end of the day, to give you something to look forward to when the work day is over.

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