Wednesday, November 7, 2012

tips to help find YOUR MUMMY MOJO


Do you ever wonder where and how you used to be since becoming a mother? Do you feel you have lost your mojo? MOJO ~ your magic charm. 

Some mother's sail through pregnancy with the GLOW all the way through, but like most of us the road ahead is hard and tormenting on the body and you lack time for yourself. I have to admit I love the whole pregnancy process and focusing on the little people but there does come a time where all that focus is over and you need to concentrate on YOU.

You need to find a balance from being Mum and take a little time to find yourself and focus on your needs. Take a little time out of your busy schedule to take a walk, a soak in the tub with your favourite face mask and just be. Take as little as 20 minutes and do something you love add a little gloss and mascara and get on with your day. A touch of make up can make you feel so wonderful.

Face the fact that your body has changed for ever and embrace your motherly figure and dress appropriate to a style you love. Adding 1-2 'on trend' pieces can make a huge difference to your self esteem. A little retail therapy and a touch of your favourite gloss or mascara can do wonders for your soul and confidence.

A few of my pick me ups are

Garnier BB Cream is so easy to apply and gives a lovely light coverage

My must have item is Lucas pawpaw ointment. Great for hydrating, a little gloss on your lips, a little shine to your cheeks. So many uses.

What are you favourite pick me ups? Please share.

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