Monday, January 28, 2013

the benefits of KEEPING A JOURNAL


Catalogue what inspires you

I am constantly looking for inspiration for blogging ideas and style I love. As everyone uses technology to record what they love I believe  keeping a journal is something you can leave behind for family. A record of your favourite times, quotes, recipes, books to read or have read, movies or shows that you have seen or would like to see. It is a valuable record of what inspires you at that particular time in your life.

Record your thoughts, emotions, special events and questions

A place to add little snippets of what events have past through your journey of life. A record of how you feel at that particular time. A place to go back to and relive those special moments and reminisce over that time in your life. What made you happy, sad, elated and surprised etc.

Release tension + self analysis

A place to record what is upsetting you or making you feel tense in any way. Writing how you are feeling when angry or frustrated can help relieve the tension you are feeling and releasing the way you are feeling. A better way than taking it out on someone else. It will also help remind you of what triggered the tense feeling that you may not be aware of at a particular time.

Be thankful

A beautiful way to keep what you are thankful for and a way to record your expressions of gratitude. A place to remind you that all is well in the world.

Stay focused

A place to record your goals and how you plan to or have achieve them. To help you stay with your agenda and help keep you focused on what you plan or would like to achieve. Looking back alter on to see what you have achieved can boost your self confidence to help you carry on further towards your goal. 

I have never really kept a journal but have a diary going to record certain events or what has happened in a brief sentence or list. Nothing special at all. This year will be a year full of events. Two weddings, year 12 for my eldest daughter, year 9 for my other daughter. A formal, an eighteenth, birthdays, the opening of my online boutique and loads of other significant events. 2013 is going to be the best year yet.

To keep you focused and excited:

- Buy an inspirational book/journal to add all your inspiration and events.

- Buy a special pen that you love writing with.

- Try and write in the same place every time. Create a relaxing place and let your creativity flow. Make yourself your favourite beverage, prop your self up with some pillows, or find your favourite chair with a few cushions to help you relax and let your words flow.

- Try not be too judgmental on what or how you write and create. Remember the journal is for you and your benefit only. Allow your authentic self shine through.

I have purchased the 365 day journal from Kikki.K and I am also taking part in The Happiness Project with my Happiness journal.

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